Adding the copy-control to your products (last updated: Oct, 2012) offers our users an optional system to protect their product distributed at

In the past, we have spotted cases where users illegally uploading the downloaded products onto web, and selling products at auction. The copy-control system is offered to help prevent such illegal distribution of your work on website.

Please note:

  • The copy-control system has some limitations to the file format and to the browsing environment.
  • The copy-control system becomes of no value if your products are available in other shops with no relevant copy-control system.
  • The copy-control system could reduce your potential sales due to the fact that they system requires viewers to install an encryption software.

  • How to add the copy-control

    The implementation of the copy-control is done by
    The only thing you need to do is just check the field: "Do you want to have a copy protect on your product" as "Yes" on the Product Registration Form.

    How the copy-control works

    When viewers access to the products, login ID and password will be requested. They can view the products only when their purchase at is confirmed through the authentication. The product is viewable only on the PC or the smartphone on which you authenticated the purchase.
    *Except for the game, you need to install special software/app according to its category.
    *The use of free anti-virus software such as avast!, AVG ANTIVIR and COMODO may prevent you from viewing the product normally.

    Fee for the copy-control system to your Work

    We offer the copy-control system to your products for FREE.

    Specifications of the User Authentication (Abstracts)

    Technical support for products with the copy-control will handle all the technical support inquiries regarding the copy-control system. More about the copy-control system, please read's page.

    Distributing your products at other distribution channels

    In order to avoid complication, if we decide to use our DRM service, we ask you not to distribute your products at any other channels other than CuriousFactory's distribution outlets.