Q: What is the process for receiving payments?

A: The sales report is generated on the 28th of every month. If your product receives any sales in the current month, you will receive an email with an attached Sales Report on the 28th in the Next month. After you receive the email, you will have a few weeks to review it. During that time, you can feel free to ask us questions to the support staff. If you don’t have any comments /questions, all you have to do is wait for payment. It is usually a few weeks after you receive the first sales report.
If you don’t receive any sales in the current month, you won’t receive any sales report and no further action is taken for that month

Q: How do you decide the currency exchange rate?

A: Since the yen exchange rate changes every day, we calculate the monthly payment to you based on the Yen exchange on the 28th of each month, which is indicated as “Your Price” on the Sales Report. Your Price is used to calculate the actual payment amount in dollars. Then a fluctuation buffer of 5-10 yen is calculated into the price, in order to account for changes in the exchange rate between the 28th of the current month and the actual payment date.

Q: Do we need to add censorship to the English work?

A: Yes

Q: How much censorship do we need to add to the genital?

A: The entire vagina (for female char), the entire penis (for male char) which includes from balls to the tip of the penis. Anal (For both female / male), and sexual perpetration area.
The resolution of censorship should be enough to make the original shape and detail not distinguishable.

Q: How long does it usually take from the time of production submission (On CuriousFactory website) to the start of the sales?

A: After we receive your product, we manually conduct initial review on your product. Then, product intro is translated, adjust submitted information and assets as necessary, and we will submit your product to DLSite.
If there were no problem, the above process should be finished in 7 ~ 10 days. We will contact your registered contact email address if there is any problem, such as correction for your product.
For your product to be up on English DLSite, it may take another 1 ~ 2 weeks.

Q: How can we see the sales?
A: Once your product is up on DLSite, your product should have its own page. On that page, there is a live count for the sales (downloads). You can refer to this number for live stat of your sales.
Also, we issue a monthly sales report to your contact email address. Your monthly sales report should contain DLSite’s sales as well as affiliated sites’ sales (if any). However, if your sales is 0 for the month, sales report is not issued.

Q: Can we edit the product I already submitted?
A: Yes, you can. Please send us an email with your Circle Name and Circle ID with your edit request.

Q: Can I terminate my sales?
A: Yes, please contact us via email. Once you terminate the sales, please note that it may be harder to re-register your product in the future.

Any other question, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Thank you very much for your interest in distributing your product on DLSite.com!

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