Business Overview

Digital Contents Publishing and Distribution

CuriousFactory has formed a strategic business partnership with EISYS, INC. to be an exclusive agent for acquiring and distributing international products for

CuriousFactory now has ove 300 Circles (Productions) and over 100 products registered with us. We distribute international products to over 10 Japanese channels including and its affiliated sites, DMM, Digiket, Toranoana, and more.

Self-Publishing Support for Mobile & PC Game Developers

We offer the following two essential services for developers who are looking for a cost effective Japanese / Korean market self-publishing strategy: LOCALIZATION & PR.

Our services are best for game developers who are interested in both the Japanese and Korean market and would like to ‘test and see’ how the game will do with basic localization and media exposure.

Product Localization

We have localized more than 80 products, documentation and assets into languages such as Japanese, English, European languages, Korean and Chinese (Traditional & Simplified Chinese).

We also coordinated and managed voice over projects for number of animation and games.