Circle Service Agreement

Article 1 Purpose

The purpose of this Agreement is to confirm the matters agreed between the Individual, Creator, Circle or Production ("the Circle"), and CuriousFactory, LLC ("CuriousFactory") upon the execution of this Agreement.

Article 2 Details of the Services

This agreement becomes effective at the point when the Circle register for Circle Registration Form until the Circle terminates its registered status with themselves or by the management. In connection with the Services, the Circle consigns to CuriousFactory, and CuriousFactory provides, the following services set forth in this Agreement.

Services CuriousFactory will provide to the Circle:

     (i) Register the Circle's product on CuriousFactory's distribution outlets on behalf of the Circle.

     (ii) Collect product sales and make payment to the Circle.

     (ii) CuriousFactory will carry out the following billing and payment services (the "Billing and Pament Services") :

           - Serves as sales manager;
           - Submission of sales reports; and
           - Service for collection of sales proceeds;

     (iii) CuriousFactory will carry out any other services separately agreed upon between the
            Circle and CuriousFactory.

Article 3 Termination of Sales and Distribution

CuriousFactory may immediately terminate product sales and distribution without giving any notice or demand whatsoever if we find the product:

     (i) Contains unethical contents;

     (ii) Contains illegal contents and expressions;

     (iii) Other contents which CuriousFactory and its distribution outlets consider unsuitable.

Article 4 Consultation

The Circle and CuriousFactory shall settle any matters not provided for in this Agreement or any doubts regarding the interpretation of this Agreement upon consultation in good faith.

Article 5 Sales Price

Payment is made on the 28th of the next month after the closing date of the current month.
Since yen exchange rate changes every day, we calculate the payment to you based on fixed Japanese Yen, which is indicated as "Your Price".
Yen exchange rate on the 28th (payment day) is used to calculate the actual payment value in dollar, with possible yen fluctuation buffer of 5-10 yen.

* is the average
Your Price Approx in $ Store Price Approx in $
25 yen $0.21 100 yen $0.85
50 yen $0.42 200 yen $1.69
80 yen $0.68 300 yen $2.54
120 yen $1.02 400 yen $3.39
155 yen $1.31 500 yen $4.24
210 yen $1.78 600 yen $5.08
295 yen $2.50 700 yen $5.93
330 yen $2.80 800 yen $6.78
365 yen $3.09 900 yen $7.63
*450 yen $3.81 *1000 yen $8.47
535 yen $4.53 1100 yen $9.32
620 yen $5.25 1200 yen $10.17
705 yen $5.97 1300 yen $11.02
740 yen $6.27 1400 yen $11.86
775 yen $6.57 1500 yen $12.71
860 yen $7.29 1600 yen $13.56
945 yen $8.00 1700 yen $14.40
1030 yen $8.73 1800 yen $15.25
1115 yen $9.45 1900 yen $16.10
1150 yen $9.75 2000 yen $16.95
1185 yen $10.04 2100 yen $17.80
1270 yen $10.76 2200 yen $18.64
1355 yen $11.48 2300 yen $19.49
1440 yen $12.20 2400 yen $20.34
1525 yen $12.92 2500 yen $21.19
1560 yen $13.22 2600 yen $22.03
1595 yen $13.52 2700 yen $22.88
1680 yen $14.24 2800 yen $23.73
1765 yen $14.96 2900 yen $24.58
1850 yen $15.68 3000 yen $25.42

*For the latest yen rate, check Yahoo!® Finance

*8% Japanese sales tax will be added to Store Price upon purchase.
* $ equivalent listed above is generated based on the recent yen rate and is subject to change.
*CuriousFactory's Service Fee for sales on other store (Other than will be about %25 of price each store designate as Your Price.

Please be advised that the total sales of your product must reach at least $100 in order for us to make a payment to you. If your total product sales did not reach $100 in the current month, the balance is carried over to the next month.

Article 6 Legal

CuriousFactory's distribution outlet (includes management company and its server are located in Japan.
Therefore, Japanese law is applied to all distribution procedure and products distributed on CuriousFactory's distribution outlets.
Also, 5% of Sales tax is applied to the sales price.

Article 7 Age Requirement

The main person registering for his/her Circle must be at least 18 years old.

Article 8 Partner Site Product Registration

By registering your Circle, by default you agree DLsite and CuriousFactory to register your product(s) on their partner site(s) for the purpose of maximizing the Circle's sales. Royalities and other conditions are the same and sales will be included on the monthly sales report from CuriousFactory. If the Circle does not wish to register their product(s) other than on, please contact at

Article 9 Inquiries

All inquiries (Such as replacing your products, deletion of your product, or issues with payment) should be sent to CuriousFactory. Due to privacy policy, and other outlets can not respond to any inquiry from the 3rd party, or anyone else other than the foriegn product distribution partner, CuriousFactory.

*This Circle Agreement might be updated without notice. Please check back on this page to see the latest policy.